Le tribunal de district d’Orebro condamné à huit mois de prison, le 23 Octobre 2013, Mr Emmanuel Habiyambere, d’espionnage et de collecte d’informations sur les réfugiés politiques rwandais. Ces infractions très graves auraient été commis entre 2010 et 2011.
The Court said Habiyambere informed directly Jack Nziza –a Rwandan general who is a very close collaborator of President Paul Kagame. In June 2013, President Kagame appointed him as Inspector General of the Rwanda Defense Forces. The General’s name was also cited in the June 2010 assassination attempt against former chief of staff Kayumba Nyamwasa in South Africa. Jack Nziza is among the 40 Rwandan military officers indicted in 2008 by a Spanish judge for several counts of genocide and crimes against humanity.

According to an online news website Umuvugizi whose editor Jean Bosco Gasasira, is in exile in Sweden and is one of the victims, Emmanuel Habiyambere is actually a Rwandan who declared himself in Sweden as a Burundian citizen and his really name is Rubagenga Aimable.


It is not the first time that Rwandan high ranked authorities are accused of spying those who criticize President Paul Kagame in exile.

Last February 2013, Swedish authorities expelled Evode Mudaheranwa, a Rwanda’s embassy 2nd highest-ranking official for ‘spying’ on political refugees. At the time, the diplomat was given 48 hours to leave the Swedish territory. A few months before, in April 2011, the British Intelligence service MI5 warned Mr. Ernest Rwamucyo, the Rwandan High Commissioner in London, to halt a campaign of harassment against critics of his country’s government. The London Metropolitan police went on and warnined two Rwandan exiles living in London that they were facing an “imminent threat” of assassination at the hands of the Rwandan government.

Sometimes those activities have a tragic end. In May 1998, Seth Sendashonga, former member of the ruling party RPF, and first post-genocide Interior Minister, was shot dead in Nairobi, Kenya. Sendashonga had survived the first assassination attempt in 1996, in which a Rwandan diplomat in Nairobi, Francis Mugabo, was accused of carrying out on behalf of Kigali. According to Kenyan authorities, the diplomat was arrested at the scene of the crime and found to be in possession of a ‘Jerico’ pistol, a silencer and 13 rounds of 9mm ammunition..

In its call for an invesigation inquiry into assassination Amnesty International stated: “We believe Seth Sendashonga’s assassination is likely to be directly connected to his frequent criticisms and denunciations of human rights violations by the current government and security forces in Rwanda – and to his profile as one of the few, credible peaceful political opposition figures to have emerged since 1995”.

The Rwandan government has always denied any involvement in such obscure activities towards its citizens.

Amani Tuyishime



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